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Designers need to setup products or packs of their own choice with prices of their own choice, The item(s) Can be Old, Exclusive (This secure you more sales) or Re-Textured.

You can put a product or color at 99L$ (Not Mandatory but this secure you more sales).

All Designers need to have space for 1 group.

RESPECT all other designers and creations.

We dont acept copybotters, brands with real brand logos be automatically rejected.

We accept: Makeup, Clothes, Tattoos, Poses, Furniture, Hair, Shapes Etc.. (All is welcome).

Covered by: , ,

We advertise the event from opening to closing On Flickr, Facebook And Inworld.

If you have already filled out the form for this event , please wait to be contacted for your booth setup and payment
You only need to apply once unless you want more than one booth.
The last day for payment is the 4th, anyone who has not made payment will not be accepted to enter the round.

Failure to meet deadlines entails exclusion from the event without a refund.
40 prims Regulars – 1.500 L$ for this round.


– Days: SET UP 9 each of month 14:00 pst
– Days 9 each of month: Send vendors o ads to
– Day 9 each of month: Open access to bloggers, advertising groups, and access awards
– Day 9 each of month: Opening of the Event
– Day 9 next round last day for payment
– Day 28 each of month: Closing of the Event 14:00 pst



You can also fill out this form if you need more information. We will contact you as soon as possible


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